Project Description

The “Oracle” equestrian show is a tale of wisdom and courage, grace and loyalty, of the harmony between man and nature. It premiered on the 17th of February at Magic Centre (Sokolniki Exhibition Centre). Euro Entertainment was the show producer and promoter.

Every week for a period of four months the spectators embarked on an unbelievable journey through time, guided by Eol and Bareas – the romantic hero and shaman oracle. Together they travelled through three worlds: met the ancient myth civilisation, visited an empire of mighty warriors and witnessed the birth of Christianity. The horse, this marvellous animal that has been loyally and faithfully by the man’s side through eons, was granted a special grace and dynamics to this performance.

Mairbek Kantemirov, the man who inspired and directed the show, represents the third generation in the great Kantemirov horse-riding dynasty. The founder of the dynasty — Alibek Kantemirov — had laid the foundations of the fancy riding and equestrian stunts for the movie industry in Russia. His sons continued their father’s work by staging stunts for a number of popular Russian movies. Mairbek worked a lot abroad and his name and show are widely known around the world.

Mairbek’s last show “Avaia” staged by the Niagara falls 5 years ago was recognised as Ontario’s Best Attraction. Kantemirov’s company toured around the world with the show, visiting UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, UAE — marked by numerous awards. For instance in 2001-2005 the show was a special guest at the Spirit of the Horse events in the UK, and in 2003 it won the gold medal at the world circus festival in Rome.

My task is to switch on people’s imagination, and let them use their imagination to decide for themselves”, — Mairbek Kantemirov said about the show. “I don’t want to say what adventures await our heroes along the way, I don’t want to speak about any morale of the show, although it is present there — the guests of the show can draw their own conclusions”.


Project Details

  • CityMoscow
  • VenueMagic Centre
  • DateFebruary - May, 2012