Project Description

The first ever Chessboxing World Championship was held on the 28th of November 2013 in the ring at the Izvestia Hall. The 8 most brilliant representatives in 4 weight devisions of this gaining worldwide popularity sport came to the Russian capital to compete for the opportunity to be called «the smartest toughest man on the planet», and get the title of World Champion in Chessboxing. Euro Entertainment was the local promoter of the event.

Chessboxing is a gaining worldwide popularity hybrid sport that combines the #1 thinking sport – chess — and the #1 fighting sport – boxing. The seeming overly exotic idea of such an extraordinary combination first occurred to a real dreamer – film maker and comic author Enki Bilal. In his comic book «Cold Equator» («Froid Equateur») the author narrated about two heavyweight boxers who were fighting for 12 rounds in the ring, and then another 4 hours straight were playing chess. In the XXI century, superheroes from a fairy tale came true: Dutchman Iepe Rubingh embodied the idea of Bilal in life and founded a new sport — Chessboxing. Smart and at the same time tough people can now be found not only in the pages of adventure novels, but also in numerous Chessboxing clubs that are actively opened by its followers around the world. At the moment there are chessboxing clubs in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Munich, Mannheim (Germany), Paris, Rome, Shiraz (Iran), Calcutta, Shanghai and Krasnoyarsk. Athletes in the lightweight (<70kg), middle (70-80 kg), light heavyweight (80-90 kg) and heavy (> 90 kg) weight develop not only their physical strength and logical thinking, but also the psychological endurance, which is extremely needed considering the quick transition from boxing to thinking over chess moves during the fights.

Chessboxing offers modern society an evolutionary form of masculinity, which contains not only the strength, courage and endurance, but also such important values as intelligence, creativity, and self-control — says Iepe Rubingh. — These are the core qualities necessary for a person of the XXI century that wants to survive during these high-pressure and eventful modern times.”

Rules of the game by Enki Bilal were adapted in accordance with the international standards of boxing and chess. In the ring, the athletes alternate 3-minute rounds of chess and boxing. The competition lasts 11 rounds and includes six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing between which they get a 1-minute pause for the change of the play field. One speed game of chess is divided over 6 rounds. Each chessboxer has 9 minutes on the chesstimer. Victory is achieved by knockout, technical knockout, checkmate or exceeding of the chess time limit. If the chess game ends in a draw the decision is made according to the boxing rounds points. If there is a draw in the boxing as well, the winner is the black pieces player.

Project Details

  • CityMoscow
  • VenueIzvestia Hall
  • DateNovember 28, 2013